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Telephone contact: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. (excluding New Year holiday period) /Online application: 24 hours
mos's job information for part-time positions mos's job information for part-time positions

Join us and experience a change in your life at MOS BURGER!
Working at MOS BURGER you will have the opportunity to embark on an exciting journey at one of our restaurants,
and find yourself becoming more influential and helpful to others.

Positions at MOS BURGER

The following is an in-depth look at a day's work at MOS BURGER, provided for those interested in seeking employment at one of our locations.
All kinds of people come to work at MOS BURGER, including students, homemakers, senior citizens, people from other countries and many others.
Our staff work as a team to ensure that each and every customer is satisfied. In order to help new employees dispel worries and doubts as they get started at MOS BURGER, we have created an operations manual that covers cash register operation, handling of coupons, interacting with and serving customers, food preparation and serving/presentation methods, and other such tasks. Even if you are completely inexperienced in this line of work, one of our courteous employee training staff or an experienced employee at your location will teach you everything you need to know.
Customer Service Customer Service
Customer Service
Even if you don't have experience with this type of work, customer service and sales tasks can be accomplished with a bright smile and upbeat attitude. Our staff welcome customers with a friendly smile, bring food and drinks to their tables, enthusiastically answer questions they may have about MOS BURGER products and otherwise strive to serve customers in a courteous manner. A sense of gratitude and kind consideration toward customers form the foundations of MOS BURGER customer service. When serving customers, please try to imagine things from their point of view.
Kitchen Kitchen
We provide safe, reliable, high-quality food products with a handmade, freshly prepared taste found nowhere else. Hot foods are served hot and cold foods served cold-all products are delivered to customers at their tastiest temperature. It is important that people who eat at our stores, no matter which location they visit, are satisfied with the taste of the products they order.
Front Counter Front Counter
Front Counter
The primary tasks of front counter staff are taking and ringing up customer orders, and we urge these employees to do so with a friendly smile. Some customers may ask you questions about meal sets, limited-time products and other such details, so it's important to learn and memorize information about MOS BURGER's products in advance in order to facilitate smoother order-taking operations.
Cleaning Cleaning
After business hours have ended for the day, each employee closes down their work area and cleans up. Maintenance staff, who are in charge of after-hours cleaning work, clean the floors, fryers, drink dispensers and other equipment and facilities. It is important to clean carefully and thoroughly, ensuring that everything is left in pristine condition for the following day.

A Day's Work at MOS BURGER

A day at work with Ms.MOS, manager at the Store
AM 8:45
Ms.MOS leaves home for work.
AM 9:00
Breakfast menu is selling at this hour, and Ms.MOS begins to prepare the regular menu items in the kitchen for the lunch hour later. After the preprations are complete, she verity the cash balance in the register.
AM 10:45
The breakfast menu ends at 10:30 a.m. and Ms.MOS is able to take a short break.
AM 11:00
It's time to prepare for the lunch rush! Four staff work during the lunch hours, one of whom handles delivery services using an electric-assist bicycle. During this busy time of the day, teamwork becomes more important than ever in order to carry out tasks in an efficient manner.
AM 11:50
As lunchtime draws near, customers begin streaming into the store. Numbers of staff handling kitchen work, customer dining area tasks and deliveries are adjusted according to a time schedule in an effort to reduce customer waiting times as much as possible.
PM 1:00
Every day at this time, a delivery truck brings fresh ingredients to the store.
PM 2:00
The hectic pace of the lunch rush is beginning to subside, and Ms.MOS can now take a moment to rest. She goes on her second break.
PM 2:30
Lunch deliveries come to an end.
PM 2:45
Ms.MOS's break ends and she begins post-lunchtime tasks, starting with fryer cleaning. After this, she moves on to preparations for the evening, paying particular attention to preparation of vegetables to be used later. It is important for Ms.MOS to carry out thorough preparations for the dinner rush during the slower mid-afternoon hours.
PM 6:00
Ms.MOS has finished her shift without making even one mistake. Time to go home!
PM 6:15
Ms.MOS stops to pick up some groceries for dinner and then heads home.

Employee Interview

M.T.H. M.T.H.
We interviewed an exchange student working as a part-time employee at the MOS BURGER Shibuya Koen-dori Store whose dream is to open a burger shop in her home country of Vietnam. She discussed her struggles to overcome their mistakes and shortcomings at work, as well as their future dream.
M.T.H., Age 29, International Student
Shibuya Koen-dori Store, 2 months as a member


Q What type of restaurant is MOS BURGER?

A MOS BURGER is a hamburger Store originating in Japan that offers high-quality food products inspired by Japanese culinary culture at reasonable prices. MOS BURGER Stores are available all across Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Q What age restrictions apply for job applicants?

A As long as the applicant is of high school age or older, there is no age restriction.

Q Can foreign nationals (non-Japanese people) apply for jobs?

A Yes, they can. Interviews are conducted in Japanese, so we prefer our applicants to have JLPT N4-grade proficiency.

Q What documentation will I need to complete my employment contract?

A You do not need any particular documentation to complete your employment contract. However, if you are a foreign national you will need to provide a passport, resident card or similar documentation proving your status of residence in Japan, or a "Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted" certificate (shikaku-gai katsudo no kyoka).

Q Do you impose hairstyle, dress, grooming or other restrictions on your employees?

A A clean, presentable appearance is very important when working in the food service industry. Fingernail polish, for example, is prohibited (even clear polish). Rules regarding hair length and coloring as well as other restrictions will be explained during your interview.

Q Can I work at MOS BURGER even though I have no experience working in food service or customer service positions?

A You may apply even if you have no experience. We will provide thorough training using our company manual.

Q What kind of work does a position at MOS BURGER entail?

A As one might imagine, some employees are placed in charge of preparing hamburgers, drinks and other food products. Regardless of your assigned tasks, the most important part of the job is greeting every customer with a smile. MOS BURGER staff are also responsible for operating the cash registers, giving/delivering products to customers, cleaning and other such tasks. MOS BURGER employees are able to work as both cooks in the kitchen and as waiters in the dining area.

Q What kind of people work at MOS BURGER?

A All employees are high school age or older, encompassing a wide age range from students and homemakers to senior citizens.